Workplace Violence, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Policy

2676305 Ontario Inc. is committed to building and preserving a safe, productive, and healthy working environment for its employees, free from violence and harassment. The company will take all reasonable measures to ensure job candidates, employees, managers, contractors, volunteers, and clients are not subject to any form of violence or harassment. This commitment applies to all areas of business, including training, performance, assessment, promotions, transfers, layoffs, remuneration, and all other employment practices and working conditions.

Acts of violence or harassment against or by any employee will not be condoned or tolerated by the company. This policy outlines the 2676305 Ontario Inc. violence and harassment program, including how incidents of violence and harassment will be handled and investigated.

It is expected that all workers, contractors, volunteers, clients, suppliers, delivery persons, and visitors of 2676305 Ontario Inc. will abide by this policy and will work to ensure that our workplace is free of violence and harassment in any form.

This policy has been developed in consultation with the worker health and safety representative. It will be reviewed annually, or more frequently if necessary, to ensure that it accurately represents the 2676305 Ontario Inc. prevention program.

2676305 Ontario Inc. will provide all employees with appropriate training and information regarding the company’s violence and harassment prevention practices and procedures. Employees are responsible for adhering to this policy and should report every incident of violence or harassment immediately to management. This includes any incidents that have been witnessed, experienced by, or reported to an employee. No person will be subject to any discipline or reprisals for raising legitimate issues of workplace violence or harassment.

Complainant is defined as:

  • A person who has made a complaint about another individual who they believe committed an act of violence or harassment against them.
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