Authorization & Consent for Shared Information

I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • My employer, 2676305 Ontario Inc.., is authorized to collect, use, and disclose my personal information for the purpose of establishing, managing, and terminating the employment relationship.
  • The Company has entered into an agreement with Companies who has contract with Amazon Fulfillment Services ULC (“Amazon”) to provide delivery services. Amazon conducts audits on a regular basis to confirm whether its delivery service providers are in compliance with Amazon’s programs and policies, which include such items as minimum requirements regarding pre-employment background checks, employees’ hours of work and pay, and occupational health and safety.
  • The Company may engage other service providers inside and outside Canada, including the United States and other countries, to collect, use, and disclose my personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws.
  • Amazon, its subsidiaries, and its representatives (including any consultants or service providers engaged by Amazon inside or outside Canada, including the United States and other countries, to perform the audits) may collect, and the Company and/or its service providers may disclose to Amazon, its subsidiaries, and its representatives, the following documents and information from time to time, for the purpose of allowing Amazon to conduct the audits and related activities:
    • A signed copy of this Authorization and Consent for Shared Information form
    • A signed copy of my offer letter and its exhibits
    • Confirmation of my eligibility to work in Canada
    • My driver’s license
    • My driver’s abstract
    • My pre-employment background check results, including the Global Watch List results, if applicable
    • My timesheets
    • My paystubs
    • My personal tax and payroll information, including my employee ID number, my hours of work, and my rate of pay
    • My termination letter, if applicable
    • Any other employment related information requested by Amazon in connection with and for the purpose of facilitating Amazon’s right to audit the Company

5. Any confidential and/or private information about you provided to Amazon will be kept confidential by Amazon, and access to your information will be limited to those with a business need to know. The Company and Amazon have established reasonable safeguards to protect personal information that is transferred in accordance with this authorization & consent form. The information listed above may be transferred to and/or accessed, processed and stored by Amazon in the United States.

Should you have any questions about this form, please contact the Company’s Privacy Officer at or (647) 470-7008

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